Albert's Thoughts 

Grafton Greyhounds | Monday August 24


As Monday's meeting is the last before the club goes into recess for six months to build the new $4.5 million track, let's take a trip down memory lane and look back on the best dogs to have ever graced the current circuit. 

it is hard to go past Brother Fox. He was a champion sprinter and champion sire and for sheer speed, there were few dogs with his acceleration and desire to win. One of the fastest dogs we ever saw at this track was Kununurra. His first sectional was electrifying. The night he won his Easter maiden heat they backed him from 7-2 to 4s on. They just kept putting it on that night. 

Tickety Boo was a super bitch, and her win in the July Maiden had to be seen to be believed. Pretty Short was a track specialist. He was a freak around Grafton and like Brother Fox was as good a sire as he was a race dog. 

He Knows Uno takes out the award for best stayer. the night he won the Grafton Cup from box 5, in front of a huger crowd, was memorable. 

One of the best runs I ever saw was a bitch called barefoot Girl, trained by Ernie Pagano. She had the red one day in a 402m back then, was gone for all money, sixth o the turn, giving the leaders six lengths. She sliced between runners and got up by a neck. She went on to win the national futurity a month later at Wentworth Park. 

Zoom Top, Black Top, Mandarin Girl ... they all ran and won at Grafton. Farewell to the old track and in with the new, a circuit that promises to be the best in Australia 

Albert Gleeson


Manny's Tips

Grafton Greyhounds | Monday August 24


Race 1 Pats Angle, Mia City, Jackson Konemann 

Race 2 One Valley, Mac Zephyr, Misty’s Flash 

Race 3 Pass The Sauce, Blanco Boy, Big Bro Tango 

Race 4 That Fella, Robell Ronny, Stilton Mary 

Race 5 Star Helen, Mia Beryl May, Zanti Gracie 

Race 6 Kalang Beach. Dixie Louise, Fernando Marks 

Race 7 Nangar Freedom, Jimary Star, Perfect Nangar 

Race 8 Lyndan Picture, Lenray Bonus, Freddy’s Home 

Race 9 Dashing Thunder, Shane Keith, Brian Griffin 

Race 10 Speedy Lulu, Rinadeena, Tahiti Beach 

Race 11 Profit Plan, Kythera Apache, April Joon